Saturday, 8th June 2024
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Academic Visit, A research on Wine Processing, Goat Cheese and Home Stay


Industrial visit is a part of the management course, during which students visit companies and get insight of on the internal working environment of the company. The industrial visit also provides an insight on how companies work and also useful information related to the practical aspects of the course which cannot be visualized in lectures.

We students of 4th semester have visited the Chitlang, Makwanpur after the Theoretical study of BHM. As the primary objectives of this visit is to get familiar with the industry and its working procedure beside that there are others such as exploring knowledge and become socialized with the industry visited.

We were altogether 70 students, 3 Faculty Members and three Transportation Staffs. We travelled from Butwal at 6 PM and we arrived in Chitlang at next morning at 10 AM. After hectic period of 16 hours of travelling, we finally made it to Chitlang then we had our Breakfast, our Teachers allocated our Rooms/ Tents. There were 6 persons in a Tent. We took out our luggage from Bus and headed to our Tents and rented from 1-2 hours. After taking a quality rest in our Tents, we had our Lunch at 1 PM and climb up to Hill to take some good photos to be remembered as memory. In the evening, we light up the fire and made a circle of people with full of Music, some were dancing. It was fun. We had our Dinner at 8:30 PM and after Dinner, we slept around 11 PM.

On the next day, we got ready at 7 AM and had our Breakfast then we visited Chitlang First Goat Cheese and Chitlang Winery Factory where we have learnt about their business. We came back to our Tent at 11 AM and had our Lunch. After that, we packed our luggage and moved towards the Bus. Our next destination was Markhu where we enjoyed the beautiful Lake view and some enjoyed the Boating around half an hour. It was really a pleasure to enjoy the natural beauty. We headed to our Bus at 6 PM and we got back to our home in the next morning at 7 AM.

The primary objective of visit was to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real working environment. There are some other objectives which are given below:

* Students got expose to the real application of industry machinery

* Students got the knowledge about the Wine Factory and Goat Cheese Factory and its making process and Raw Materials.

* Students got knowledge about the roles of different people in the organization.

* Became aware of career opportunities.

* Aware about the needs of Health and Safety precautions.

* Aware to focus on a specific aspect of the study.

* Accumulated the knowledge about the Home Stay as well as some Local Organic products of the Chitlang

* Students got opportunities to get knowledge about the tools and equipments used in Wine Factory, Goat Cheese Factory and Home Stay.

In Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), students deeply have to study about the different types of Cheese and Wine, so visit to Chitlang had helped students to learn about Cheeses, its types and uses. At the same time, students got opportunities to learn about Wine and Home Stay. Chitlang is a very beautiful place to visit. It is full of natural beauty with great scenery which is pleasant to eye. First Nepalese Goat Cheese is situated there and Wine production is taking place with the use of local raw materials. Chitlang village is fast growing in Tourism Sector. In the same way, Chitlang is also known for many more vegetables and Crops like: Tomato, Dalle Khursani, Wheat, and Mustard are growing in huge amount. There is lots of Home stay available for Tourists. Price is affordable and reasonable. Temperature is cold in the morning and evening time. Pear is growing in large quantity and we can see Mountain from there, we came to know about our country’s specialties .It was so fruitful to visit Chitlang.
We all BHM 4th semester students are thankful to Western Mega College for such a wonderful visit.

Thank You!