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Industrial Visit, CG Unnati Cultural village

Industrial Visit, CG Unnati Cultural village, Gaidakot - 12, Nawalpur, Gandaki
By: WESTERN MEGA COLLEGE (2nd SEMESTER) INTRODUCTION On the date of 12 / December /2021, Sunday our “WESTERN MEGA COLLEGE “took us for industrial visit (hotel visit) at Chitwan named as “UNNATI CULTURAL VILLAGE “. It was a very first time from our college for industrial visit. Due to the covid19 we were unable to visit any industry before. Our industrial visit of cultural heritage hotel “UNNATI CULTURAL VILLAGE “was done accordingly to pre-planned schedule maintained by our college (WMC (Western Mega College)) . Where all faculty member indirectly supported us there, where as Mr. Bikash Chhetri and MR Saugat Lamichhane provide direct effort at that visit. We all students of 2nd semester participate the industrial visit. where total number of people were 65 including faculty members and transportation staffs


We started our journey from our college WESTERN MEGA COLLEGE, BUTWAL -15 RUPENDEHI at 6’o clock. Our destination was UNNATI CULTURAL VILLAGE located in CHITWAN HARKAPUR, NAWALPUR district. It was about 104km far from BUTWAL. As soon as we have started our journey, we covered 50km of distance and reached at placed called “DAUNNE” at around 11am. Due to the construction of road, it took us 5 hours to cover short distance. We all students including bus staff and teacher had our breakfast there. We completed our breakfast as soon as possible and leaved from there. Around 12:30pm we reached our destination “UNNATI CULTURAL VILLAGE “. It was a cultural heritage hotel as well as art and craft hub. We attained seminar there and visited their property in detail. We asked our queries in the seminar organized by the operational manager MR Badri Koirala. In this way our day was passed we did launch at beginning and Hi-tea while returning from UNNATI. We returned at 7:30 pm from there.

Detailed description

When we reached our destination (CG UNNATI CULTURAL VILLAGE) the management team of UNNATI welcomed us by serving welcome drink (lemon grass juice) after that we were allocated at a banquet hall, after few minutes of relaxation. We were supposed to attain a seminar at there. The seminar was organized by the operational manager MR Badri Koirala and Miss Sadikshya Chaudhary. The topic included there was the (I) Introduction of Unnati (ii) Art and craft of Unnati, (iii) Cultural preservation of Unnati and so on. The seminar was started around 1:30 PM. MR Badri Koirala explained everything verbally, it took one and half hour at there, many question were arisen by our side. MR Badri patiently answered our queries too, where our faculty member was also accompanying us at there. Before visiting at Unnati cultural village, we thought that the Unnati cultural village was a totally hospitality serving sector(hotel) but after attending the seminar of MR Badri Koirala, we have learned that it was an art and craft hub, focused on preservation and promotion of local art and Tharu Culture. It was supported by CG foundation and income generated in Unnati was donated as charity by them for need people. It is a one stop destination to those seeking cultural experience and a platform to show chase the indigenous livelihood of terai people. It offers an opportunity to engage with arcticians; a place to be inspired to create and soaks in this multifaceted diversity. Unnati was spread over 6 bigas of land where only 14 rooms are available. Pottery, bar, cultural dancing places, organic farming ward, meditation place, and so many guest spaces were also available where most of the land were covered by trees of mangoes and litich {around 450}. The room of Unnati had named after festivals celebrated by thaur community they were Jitiya, Faguwa, Maghi, Anat, Amosa, Bodhi Kunja and so on. Where the room named as kala ghar wasn`t in the sales list. It was said that Kala Ghar was a farm house of chairperson Binod Chaudhary.


It was 1-day industrial visit, which was perfectly done according to per planned schedule by our faculty {WMC (Western Mega College)}. We would like to give a special thanks to our faculty member Bikash Chhetri and Saugat Lamichhane for accompanying with us, as well as thanks to our organization {WMC} for providing back support. On the other hand, thanks to the management team of ‘Unnati.’ Who give their valuable and busy time for us.

“We really learned Muchmore from Unnati Cultural Village”