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Article on Trek to Kenjing Gumba

Trek to Kenjing Gumba

By: Students of Western Mega College (6th Semester)

We started our journey on 2021-12-06 on the day of Monday. As a student of 6th semester, we were supposed to go for a trek according to the rule book of college (Western Mega College) and as our seniors were also following this rule due to which it also became a culture of our college. We visited various places through our college but this was the longest period of visit among all. We made a trek to “Kenjing Gumba” and our journey was 8 days long (i.e.,2021-12-06 to 2021-12-13). We were total of 50 participants including two faculty members i.e., Principal sir, Mr. Shree Prasad Bhattarai and Vice-Principal sir, Mr. Kishu Sharma and all other faculty members were helping us from the back.
Work Plan:
We started our journey on Monday at 8 p.m. from Western Mega College, Butwal-15, Rupandehi. Our aim was to reach Galchi by morning. We reached Galchi at 7 a.m. and had a tea break. Then we changed our bus and started our journey towards Syafru Besi. We stayed at Syafru on that day and started our first day of trek on Wednesday morning. On that very day we trek 8-9 hours continuously and reached Lama Hotel. We stayed at Lama Hotel and again continued our trek from there on next day. Then for the second day (i.e., Thursday) of trek our destination was Langtang Valley. We stayed at Langtang Valley after second day of trek and were ready to trek for the third day on very next morning. Our destination for third day was Kenjing Gumba which was our destination and some of our friends also climbed Kenjing Ri and Tsergo Ri. We spent our Friday night at Kenjing Gumba. Then on the Saturday morning we started to trek back and directly came to Syafru Besi. And on Sunday afternoon we started our journey back to Butwal on bus and reached Butwal on Monday morning.
Detailed description:
Once we started our journey from college, we travelled whole night on bus and reached Galchi early morning. We freshen up and had a cup of tea and enjoyed the beauty of Galchi for some time. Then we changed our bus and started our trip towards syafrubesi. After 2 hours of our journey, we had a lunch break at Nuwakot, Jimbu. After having our lunch, we moved towards our destination for that day which was Syafru besi. We reached there at 3p.m.-4p.m. and we divided the rooms for all the students and had a rest for the day. We got up early in the morning and had our breakfast at Syafru and started our journey toward Lama Hotel which was our second camp after syafru. For that day we had our lunch break at Bamboo and again continued our trek after some rest at Bamboo. We were able to reach Lama Hotel after almost 7-8 hours of trek. We had our dinner at Lama Hotel and then rested for the day. Again, we woke up early in the morning and started our trek after light breakfast. For that day, our camp was Langtang Valley. On that day we had our lunch at Ghodatabela. We reached our camp i.e., Langtang Valley after 5-6 hours of trek. We had our dinner at Langtang Vallery and spent our night there. Again, on our third day of trek our camp was Kenjing Gumba which was our final camp while going. We started our trek with no worries as our trek route was short and easy. It was only the trek of 3-4 hours so; we had our lunch by reaching to Kenjing Gumba itself. We spent our day at Kenjing Gumba and returned to Syafru besi on very next day which was exceptionally long trek. As, returning route was to stay at Lama Hotel on first day and come down to Syafru Besi on next day but due to our fast movement we were able to reach Syafru Besi in a single day.
Walking up and down the hills, where the river was playing the music and the birds were singing the song for us, we enjoyed our trip and had made a special place on our heart. We here experienced all the beauty of Nepal Starting from the Plains of terai, driving through the hills and reaching to the top of Himalayans. The excitement of seeing the piece of Himalayan to reaching there, the journey was filled with enormous of joy and some pain.